Release date: July 21, 2018.

Harmonic Etudes is the third and last part of the Estonian Trilogy, 3-set albums recorded during Iñaki Sandoval’s residence in Estonia. The inspiration for this music comes mainly from the impressionistic music of Ravel and Debussy, and a search for understanding harmony in a deep and holistic way. But also from the sound, or better said, the lack of sound, of the beautiful Estonian winter and nature. It is also a tribute to the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt and his minimalist and rich textures way of expression. The album acts as a draft notebook with annotations of different architectures (ninths, triads, scales) as a painter would do, selecting varied color mixes and textures for the color palette.

This session was recorded on a Steinway & Sons grand piano at Arkaadia during the long nights of the winter of 2017-2018 in Viljandi, Estonia. All music composed and performed by Iñaki Sandoval.