JazzTimes Magazine article, by Darla S. Hanley and Iñaki Sandoval

July 2014
Beyond the Music: What Jazz Teaches Us

An article by Dr. Darla S. Hanley and Dr. Iñaki Sandoval (JazzTimes Magazine, July 2014)

Jazz music teaches us many things beyond the sounds. As jazz performers we strive to be better players and advance our art. As jazz teachers we strive to instill in our students all of the techniques and best practices we know to allow them to flourish. And as jazz students we strive to gain as much as we can from the past and present to bring music to the next level in the future. Throughout the study and performance of jazz music we develop focused habits of working, self-discipline, communication skills and fluency of professional vocabulary, teamwork, the ability to accept constructive feedback, and critical listening skills, to mention a few examples.

The life of a contemporary jazz artist, teacher, composer or performer, begins as a student and continues as such throughout her career. Just as every person is unique; every music student is different learning in her own way. In order to grow as an artist, she needs to balance time learning alone with time spent working with other musicians. Once she has acquired high-level skills and knowledge as a musician, the circle begins and she is ready to become a teacher…

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