Release date: March 21, 2018.

After Winter Poems -the first part of the Estonian trilogy-, Mimesis continues with an intimate and minimalistic aesthetic, but in a different musical form. Mimesis features two suites for solo piano in the style of theme with variations. The Suite for Piano No. 1, in G Major (Chorale) takes a lyric choral as a source for the development of 10 variations, ending with the reprise of the choral theme. From tonal to impressionistic sonorities, counterpoint, atonalism, and melodic episodes, the sound of the piano is presented naked, without artifices. The Suite for Piano No. 2, in B minor is built over a simple 5-bar harmonic progression: Bm, Em, A, D, G, which leads to 9 variations. As in a movie story, the obstinate leitmotiv theme grows in every variation, with a marked rhythmic character. Although the compositional work is abundant in secondary counterpoint melodies, together with its inner pulse, the real main character of the suite is the harmonic pattern presented in multiple textures and colors.

This session was recorded on a Steinway & Sons grand piano at Arkaadia during the long nights of the winter of 2017-2018 in Viljandi, Estonia. All music is composed and performed by Iñaki Sandoval.