Release date: October 20, 2005

First personal work of the young and talented pianist Iñaki Sandoval, accompanied by Horacio Fumero and Peer Wyboris, musicians who formed part of the great Tete Montoliu Trio. Born in Pamplona in 1974, this pianist has a notable and elegant skill. He has burst into the jazz scene with a brilliant album that emerges from the most contemporary canons in modern trio jazz: Sausolito. In an exhibition full of melodic lyricism and a wise selection of harmony, tempo, and music breathing, Iñaki Sandoval’s discourse manages to transmit with clarity the open and varied music motives that can be felt in each one of the songs in this record. The result is a record of open and suggestive songs, that serves as a starting point for the three musicians to talk at the same level. Horacio’s melodic lines coexist perfectly with the piano. In the background, Peer’s brushes stand out for his incomparable style and sound.

With two excellent accompanists, Horacio Fumero playing the counter bass and Peer Wyboris in the drums, the trio’s display of freedom and musical coexistence results in something compact, nice, and profoundly communicative, unifying slow, medium, and fast rhythms paired up with musical expression and beauty. In an attempt to capture the freshness, spontaneity, and vitality of each tune most of the tracks on the album are first takes. All are originals with the exception of Round Midnight (Thelonious Monk), My one and only love (Mellin/Wood), and Smilin’ Eyes, a beautiful song written by pianist Stefan Karlsson, a great friend and teacher of Iñaki Sandoval during his days in Las Vegas. Sausolito has been included in the list of the 100 Most Important Records in Catalonian jazz history, elaborated by 25 specialized critics.

All featured songs are written by Iñaki Sandoval, except #3 by Stefan Karlsson, #9 by Thelonious Monk, and #10 by Robert Mellin-Guy Wood..

Personnel: Iñaki Sandoval (piano), Horacio Fumero (bass), Peer Wyboris (drums).

Recorded in Barcelona, April 2005. Engineered by Jordi Vidal. Produced by Pablo Valero.

Published by AYVA Music

REVIEW by A Jazz Listener’s Thoughts:

The trio, lead by Inaki Sandoval, and the CD, “Sausolito” (AYVA Music 2005). With Horacio Fumero on bass and Peer Wyboris on drums, this was his first of three CDs, and features 7 originals and 3 covers — “Smilin’ Eyes” by Stefan Karlsson, “‘Round Midnight” and “My One and Only Love.” Sandoval is one of the leading Spanish jazz pianists and resides in Barcelona. I first became aware of him as a pianist in 2011 as he teamed with Eddie Gomez and Billy Hart on Gomez’s CD “Miracieolos” (2011, Bebyne Records), another really great trio disc to find and listen to. Sandoval is the director of the Jazz Department at the Liceu Conservatory. Unlike the first two discs described in this blog, which are laid-back outings of subtleties and romance,  this one has a stronger and more pervasive forward propulsion led by the brushwork of Wyboris and walking bass lines of Fumero. The pianist himself has a light touch that moves quickly up and down the keyboard, and he too keeps the beat moving with his consistent left hand. “Sausolito” is a breezy upbeat tune that will have the toes tapping; “Smilin’ Eyes” follows with an expert opening solo on bass leading to a touching melody. “Te Imaginas” is full of shifting moods and imaginative lines and is a tour de force for Sandoval the composer. I could listen to “‘Round Midnight” and “My One and Only Love” all day and Sandoval adds two more beautiful versions to the repertoire, the latter done solo to conclude a really great CD.