“Sausolito” included in the book “The 100 Best Records of Catalan Jazz”

November 2012, Barcelona, Spain.

The work has been coordinated by Pere Pons and Martí Farré, The 100 Best Records of Catalan Jazz (Cossetània / Enderrock, 2012). The 100 best records of Catalan jazz (Cossetània / Enderrock, 2012) includes an annotated selection of one hundred jazz records published in Catalonia from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day. Twenty-five different journalists have agreed on this choice and have highlighted one each (that is, twenty-five records) while setting up a drawing of the history of jazz in the Catalan Countries. The selected albums are arranged chronologically, and the twenty-five that have been highlighted have been chosen as the ones that mark the turning points in the trajectory of Catalan jazz. This selection includes names such as Tete Montoliu, Jordi Sabatés, Perico Sambeat, Jordi Rossy, Brad Mehldau, Raynald Colom, Sean Livity and Carles Benavent.