Release of the complete “Estonian Trilogy” 3 solo piano cd-set

The complete 3 cd-set “The Estonian Trilogy” has been published. Featuring the 3 solo piano studio albums: “Winter Poems”, “Mimesis”, and “Harmonic Etudes”.

Introspective, quiet and minimalistic, all-new original compositions for solo piano. The music is inspired by Estonia: its people, traditions, and culture, its beautiful nature and landscapes, forests, lakes and rivers, its peacefulness, winter, solitude, and silence. Under the prism of jazz and improvisation, the language is closer to the classical and impressionist music of the 20th century with influences of minimalism, folk, and popular music.

“The Estonian Trilogy” invites to withdrawal, meditation, and inner reflection, even to listen with closed eyes.

The live CD/DVD “Estonian Suite: Live in Tallinn” (recorded live on March 2017) includes works from the three studio albums in concert format. The piano is located in the middle of the concert hall, with soft lighting and the audience forming a circle around the interpreter. The proximity of the artist and the audience make it possible to listen actively and closely, receiving directly the vibrations of the strings of the piano without intermediation. This is when the music no longer belongs to the artist, but to the listener. Video preview here 

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